Sermon Topics

May 2023

06/07Revd Tang Wai LungAsking Questions 
13/14Revd Aaron ChengWin Souls for Jesus 
20/21Revd Tang Wai LungSeeking Guidance Together 
27/28Revd Canon Barry LeongBeing Moved 

Apr 2023

01/02Revd Tang Wai LungPassion Sunday – Two Ways to Live 
09Resurrection Sunday Musical Outreach 
16Canon Barry LeongLive well and succeed 
22/23Revd Tang Wai LungRecognising Jesus 
30Canon Barry LeongNo grave can hold us 

From the Pastor’s Desk

4 Jun 2023

I must admit that I love to watch Thai advertisements. They are really creative and even educational at times. The recent one that I watched was about a landlady and her “unreasonable” actions towards the tenants. In one scene, she even threw and broke the weighing scales used by a tenant. Unfortunately, these “unreasonable” actions […]


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