01 Jan 2023

I was having breakfast in a nearby hawker centre. Of course, I will need my coffee. A particular coffee stall caught my eye. It had a long queue while other coffee stalls had no queue at all. It cannot be that the coffee was so different that people choose to queue here than to just buy at another stall. And I found out that was the case. The coffee powder was freshly grounded from the beans, changed after every ten cups or so. The price of the coffee was slightly cheaper than the other stalls. And the wait was not as long as I thought would be. Conclusion was that people will flock to you when you offer reasonably priced good coffee. The slight inconvenience of waiting in queue can be tolerated.

As I always believed, provide good reasonable product (service) and the customers will come. It seems so easy but why are there so many people not doing it? That’s the mystery, correct? My guess is that many are too lazy to work a little harder to make that slight difference to stand out. That little bit of hard work seems to be a bridge too far. Thus, the failure of so many of them. Interestingly, there are so many people with time to redo than time to do it well the first-time round.

In this new year, we must take a close look at ourselves. Are we living a life worthy of the gospel? Can we really say that we are an encouragement for others to follow Christ and not a stumbling block? Are we the good product that draws others to Christ? Hopefully, we are not the bad stuff that keeps others out of the kingdom.

Yes, it will need effort on our part. That, my friends, is the burden that we need to bear. We are saved, no doubt about it. We do not need works to get us into the kingdom. But we need to live like citizens of heaven. Those outside of heaven will look at us and see if it is worth the effort to be in. So, we need to put in that little bit of effort to make a change to our lives, to make it a fragrance unto the Lord.

Happy New Year, my dear brothers and sisters. May the Lord bless you all forever more.

God bless,
In Christ’s service,

Barry Leong







Barry Leong

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