02 Apr 2023

The DJs on the radio were discussing a report about some scientists who were able to record plants emitting a cry for help when stressed. Apparently the sound, of a decibel that is below the hearing range of the human ear, can be ‘heard’ from several metres away. With other characteristics of life (growing, die, needing food and water), the plant is as much a living thing as any other animal in the world. To ‘kill’ a plant is, therefore, equivalent to killing an animal. That would put some teachings about being vegetarian for purposes of not ‘killing’ a life totally out of the window. If a part of the worldview is wrong, then the whole needs to be reevaluated.

Christians need to know their beliefs well; more than ever now than before. The way truths are distorted by the politics in some big countries in the West, God have mercy on us when such distortions start to land on our soil (mind). Name calling and screaming in social media are their weapons of choice. In that country, you cannot be sure if someone is a woman or a man. Calling them with the wrong pronoun can get a person into deep trouble with the law.

All these problems arises because the word of God is being thrown out by this nation. Sad to say that this nation is powerful and exerts its influence on other parts of the world and insists that all must follow suit. Rights to them is only when you abide by their rules and not you are doing what right for yourself. So, they now want others to accept the LGBTQIA+ agenda. To them the word of God is not important. After all, most people there do not really know the bible.

So, brothers and sisters in Christ, keep the word of God close to your heart. Live and breathe in it. Know it well and not be deceived by the evil deceptions of the devil in this world. Night is approaching and we can do nothing when it arrives. So, let us work while it is day. Equip yourselves in word and prayer. Steel your belief and trust in Jesus Christ. Prayerfully, we may be able to stand to the very end.

God bless,
In Christ’s service,

Barry Leong






Barry Leong

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