02 July 2023


路上的“提醒人” (加拉太书 6:1-2)                


在人生的路上,我们难免有疲累的时候,有时也会想停下脚步休息一下,也可能会不小心就打盹睡着了。只是休息之后还要记得重新启程,不能休息“过头”而耽误了行程。不过,倘若在我们不小心睡着的时候,身边能有‘提醒人’给我们拍拍手拍拍肩膀,提醒我们“该醒醒了”,这应该是极美的一件事。当然,每个‘提醒人’所用的方式可能不同:有的温柔,有的大声;有的婉转,有的直接;有的静默,有的唠叨… 重点是他们都要我们“记得下车”,继续行程,不要一直“睡下去、错下去”。

人非圣贤,谁能无过,基督徒更应当明白这个事实。但坦白说,生命中会令我们遗憾的事,还不是我们会犯错,而是犯错了自己却还懵然不知。不小心“睡着了”、“盲目了”(不知善恶好歹、不辩真实虚伪、不分真情假意…),不但不自觉,身边也没有‘提醒人’,结果越走越偏,越陷越深… 最怕是连再绕一圈走回头路的机会也没有,到时就真的很遗憾了。




A “Reminder” on the Road
 (Gal 6:1-2)

The light rail train reached its terminal. As I was getting off the train, I realized a passenger who was sitting next to me was still sleeping soundly in a slanted posture. When I stretched out my hand to pat his hand to ‘wake’ him, another young lady also did the same. The passenger woke up and nodded his head in appreciation at us. We did not know each other, nor a single word was said. But both of us had the same thought: to wake him up, so that he would not be wasting his time and delaying his trip by oversleeping and missing his stop.

In our journey of life, we will likely encounter tiredness. We may stop to take a break but we may also unintentionally fall asleep. But after resting we must restart our journey. WE cannot afford to oversleep and delay our journey. However, if we do fall asleep unintentionally, it will be a beautiful thing if we have a person to wake us up. Of course, there are different ways reminders come about: some gentle, some loud, some indirect, some direct; some quiet, some nag and nag…the important point is they will remind us to “wake up” and continue the journey.

No one is perfect and mistakes are inevitable. Christians should be more understanding about this fact. But frankly speaking, our regrets aren’t the mistakes we make. It is that we are blinded to the fact that we are making a mistake. Unintentionally falling asleep, blindness (unable to differentiate what is good or bad, true or false, real or fake), hopefully there is someone to ‘wake’ us up. If not, we will stray even further heading deeper into the trap. The worst scenario is when there is no chance to make a U-turn. When this happens, it is the most regrettable.

I dare not say that I will not make any more mistakes or committing some sins; but I pray to the Lord that he sends a person to remind me, to wake me up when I fall asleep, so that I may not fall. I will be able to wake up and complete my journey well. I treasure these kinds of people.


His Servant maid,
Ds Lena

Interpreted by Ps Ling Zhongbin

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