02 May 2021

Dear church family

We praise and thank God for his wisdom and guidance for our church Annual General Meeting processes and meetings this year. Thank you, dear brothers and sisters in Christ, for your responses, participation, suggestions, encouragement and prayers.

It is my joy to introduce the Parochial Church Council (PCC) for year 2021-22.

Vicar’s Warden    : Kenneth Sng
People’s Warden : Hidehito Ie
Hon. Secretary     : Elly Chiu
Hon. Treasurer     : Tan Pei Ching
PCC members      : Benjamin Kirk, Enoch Ng, Florence Ho, Gan Pak Lim, George Chen, Kevin Lee, Nellie Nam, Sheryl Sim
Synod representatives (2020-2023) : Justin Chan, Elly Chiu, Ho Boon Sing
Sub-committee chairpersons : Hidehito Ie (Personnel), Benjamin Kirk (Property), Nellie Nam (Finance), Vicar (Missions)

We thank God for every PCC member’s commitment and heart in their latreuo worship of God in serving the Lord well. Value your prayers for PCC and myself to continue being good stewards of church funds for the work of God’s eternal kingdom and also in making wise decisions and sound policies under the guidance of the Holy Spirit.

Pastor John

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