03 Sep 2023

Another major event in Singapore had just been concluded. We had just elected our fifth elected president (9th president of Singapore). Another agenda in Singapore was completed and life moves on. Of course, it will take a few days for the excitement and talks to die down. So, what is the next big thing for us to be excited about? Not in the immediate future but the General election will be one.

We are people who are easily distracted by the things of the world. Different things for different people. To some, it is videos and others mobile gaming. For some, it is just aimless scrolling of messages received in their phones, although mostly extremely trivial messages.

But many allowed such trivial, non-essential things to take up a large portion of their time and effort. They are willing to forgo family relationships, success in life and career and other vital aspects of life for such inconsequential time-wasting pastimes.

I wonder what is the attraction that the general public is willing to forgo the significant for the non-significant? Is it because there is really too much time on their hands that they are bored? When people are concerned of their livelihood in the past, they have no time for such minor stuff. Today we have more of most things – reasonable living standards, time on hand, travel, varieties of food choices. Yet today people are screaming for so-called work life balance. I suspect that they want to spend all their time on their distractions and have all the perks of life for free.

Brothers and sisters, the days are getting shorter. Be wise and see the changing landscape in the world towards Christ and His followers. Do not waste your time on matters that have no meaningful value in eternity. It is time to move away from the distractions of the world and start to build “our houses on solid rocks.” Do not think at any moment that there will always be tomorrow, for tomorrow never comes. Waiting for somebody else to do it is not an option for it bears no value to you. It is of great value to the person doing it, but zero value for you. Be wise.

God bless,
In Christ’s service,

Barry Leong







Barry Leong


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