04 Jul 2021

Dear church family

Youth Day is celebrated on the first Sunday of July in Singapore. In this complex post-modern age, the young generation faces many challenges in their growing years, such as the pressure of education, dysfunction of family, diversity of temptations, shifting of moral values, influence of social media, etc. Pastors, parents and educators are concerned for the rise in the number of youths and young adults struggling with mental illness, depression, pornography, gambling, materialism, work stress, etc.

As God’s people in community together, it is important to come alongside the youths and young adults in our church in their discipleship journey. Let me suggest some practical ways for our action and involvement.

  1. PRAY: Remember the youths and young adults in fervent prayer at our personal devotions and corporate prayer times. May they have the fear of the Lord and committed discipleship in following Jesus. Let us pray for their parents to experience God’s grace and receive God’s wisdom to love, teach and guide their children.
  2. ENCOURAGE: Young people need lots of love, affirmation and encouragement as they grow in their Christian faith and in Christlike character. They need spiritual guidance in coping with the struggles of life and finding direction in life. Where opportunities arise, do give them a word of encouragement.
  3. MODEL: Youths learn best when they see godly Christian life examples in the church and in the family. By God’s grace and help, let us model the life of godliness and committed discipleship as an exemplary encouragement to the youths.
  4. DISCIPLE: Let us make time to disciple a group of youths to help them grow in their discipleship journey and also train them to disciple others. We are thankful to God for those serving as youth leaders and young adult leaders in being a spiritual friend and godly influence.

Let us seek the Lord together for the hearts of the young generation to be anchored in faith and Christlike in character, always having the fear of the Lord.

Remember also your Creator in the days of your youth …”   Ecclesiastes 12:1

Pastor John

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