04 Sep 2022

I chanced upon a short video clip where an American man dressed himself in traditional Mexican costume went about interviewing people about their feelings regarding his dressing. Almost without fail, the white American general public felt that he was racist, insulting to the Mexican, and thought that he was very insensitive to the Mexicans. When he turned around and interviewed the Mexican on his dressing, they were so happy and honoured that he dressed in their traditional costumes.

The world, especially the West, is filled with people who live by half truths. People stop thinking but live by ‘shouting’ slogans. Racism, BLM, Climate change, foreign threats, gender equality, and the list goes on. What are the bigger implications, the history behind and the ways forward are not thought of carefully. Raising of placards, pseudo understanding and pointing fingers at other countries, as if such things will change things. No, it wouldn’t. They are momentary distractions to the general masses about the real problems that Western politicians want to avoid dealing with.

And this is coming on fast into our society via the powerful media influence from the West, especially US. The masses, especially non-critical thinking youths, are sucked into these debates and ‘shouting’. When there are too much ‘noises,’ level-headed thinking is difficult and the problem will not be solved fully or partially. Maybe, just maybe, people do not want to deal with it. After all, these are their problems not ours.

Brothers and sisters, we all live in one world. It is the only one we have and we are connected somehow whether you like it or not. Let me give you a very short but only effective answer to solve all these – stop “thinking like idiots” and the ‘shouting’, start to help people follow and live the way of Christ. Christ is the only answer to all these chaos. He is the only way.

God bless,
In Christ’s service,

Barry Leong


这个世界,尤其是西方国家,存在着很多只活出一半真理的人。人民不再思考却靠着“呐喊”口号而活。种族主义、“黑人的命也是命”运动(Black Lives Matter)、气候变化、外在威胁、性别平等,及一连串的名词。什么是最大的涵义、背后的历史、以及前面的道路都没有经过谨慎的思考。他们高举布条、伪装了解并指向他国,以为这样就能改变事物。不,绝对不会。它们只是短暂地把群众的注意力,从西方政治家都不愿解决的问题中分散了。




Barry Leong

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