05 Feb 2023

It was a sobering day. Just out of habit, I took the desk calendar and flip the page from January to February. Suddenly it hit me that another month had just passed. It didn’t seem too long ago that we were celebrating the advent of a new year. Very quickly we were into the second month of the new year. Well, time really flies.

For a moment, I felt a little melancholic, then I snapped out of it and beginning to think. Yesterdays are getting more, and tomorrows are getting less. It is time to put in more effort into things that really matter and stop wasting time on things that don’t.

The question for many of us is what are the things that really matter to us? I know many of you will give the textbook answer to the pastor, our spiritual lives and duties. Well, I cannot fault you with that answer as it is definitely not wrong. But what about others?

Family relations are important. Did we neglect them because we are chasing the temporal things of this world? Yes, finances and status are important. I cannot deny those. Think! What if you become very rich but have no one by your side because you pushed them away in your pursue of riches and fame. Or, if all that they are interested are the riches you left behind. They never had a relationship with you that really matter to them. As a pastor, I had seen enough of family members arguing over inheritance even before the funeral proceeding was over. Relationship needs nurturing, and that takes time. Believe me, it will be time well spent.

Take the time to create good and beautiful memories. Things from a little screen, you know what I mean, are really a waste of time. An achievement of helping someone, a worthwhile cause, a hearty conversation with a good friend, or even reading a good book. Of course, there are many more to list, but you get the drift.

Most importantly, spend time with the Lord. He is really the one that matters above all else. Neglect it to your own peril. Time, on this side of eternity, is short and precious. Use it wisely.

God bless,
In Christ’s service,

Barry Leong






最重要的是,用时间与主相处。祂是真正超乎一切且最重要的那位。 忽视祂将后果自负。在永恒的这一边,时间是短暂且宝贵的。以智慧用之。


Barry Leong

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