05 Jun 2022

I was at a polyclinic consulting a physiotherapist about an injured shoulder. As I was sitting at there trying to explain my injury, the physiotherapist was busy reading his messages on WhatsApp and was clearly not paying any attention at all. I stopped and after a long while, he looked up and asked me what’s my medical problem. I was about to “shout” in his face. I held back because I am a Christian. So, I was about to start, and he was back to his phone. I know for sure it was not anything official from his facial expressions. He noticed that I was getting very annoyed and quickly printed some sheets of paper and told me to follow the exercises. I stood up and told him to learn to do his job professionally.

I am sure you know of such incidents and probably guilty of it — addiction to the mobile phone, wither games or social media.

The mobile phone is a wonderful tool but a terrible master. There are so many things that we can do on the mobile phone that are absolutely helpful and convenient – paying for transport fares, order food, book appointments, etc. I myself use the phone for all these and appreciate them greatly. That’s if it is a tool. But when it becomes the master, it is even worse than drug addiction. Drug abuse can be outlawed, but not phone usage. The symptoms will be lack of sleep and concentration, increased isolation from the people around you, increased insecurity and anxiety, etc. Many people must look at the phone even when crossing a busy road choosing to ignore the traffic. Drivers “must” look at their phones ever so often and not the road that they are driving on. You probably know more. Many know about all these but choose to ignore them. The excuse? It won’t happen to me – famous last words.

I would strongly suggest to you to take an audit and make some really important decisions to use the mobile phone in a wise and controlled way. Take back the authority to be the master and not a slave to it. You will not regret the decision.

God bless,
In Christ’s service,

Barry Leong

我在一间综合诊疗所向一位物理治疗师询问有关肩膀受伤的事。当我坐着尝试叙述我的伤势,物理治疗师却在忙着看他的WhatsApp信息,显然完全没有集中注意力。我停止说话并过了好一阵子,他抬起头来问我有什么医疗问题。我几乎要当面“呼喝”他, 但因为我是基督徒,我止住了。就在我要再开始叙述的时候,他又回到他的手机上。从他的脸部表情,我确定那与公事无关。他发现我越来越生气了,于是赶快影印几页纸要我跟着作运动。我站起来告诉他,他必须学习以专业的态度来对待工作。





Barry Leong

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