05 Mar 2023

A few of us were looking at a stretch of water. On the surface it looked absolute tranquil. It was so peaceful and calming. It made some of them want to jump in and swim a little. As a person formerly trained to look at the sea, I warned them of the very strong undercurrent there. It was probably strong enough to drag even strong swimmers under water and swept away. Furthermore, there were probably crocodiles in those areas. So, we threw a small slab of meat into the waters and true enough a crocodile suddenly emerged and gobbled up the piece of meat. Well, that was a close call.

We really do not know what lurks beneath the calm surface. Everything will look perfect if we are careless about the possible dangers. Especially for people staying in Singapore for too long. Our government had done their job well in implementing law and order. It is too safe a place where people are desensitized to the perils around. What’s worse is that we take that approach and apply it when we go, or intend to go, to another country. You may think that a contract will be honored by the law and people here, but it may not be so elsewhere. That is probably why people from some other nations often call people in Singapore naive. WE also depend too much on local news instead of finding out more ourselves. There are only that much that the local news, no matter how efficient and unbiased, can inform you. You have to make your own research and judgment. Let others call you a fool if they want but make your own decision and do not waver if you are really convinced that you are right.

Scripture tells us that the world will only become worse morally and spiritually. The money that you had accumulated is nothing but glorified “I owe you” notes. Someday they will just tumble down. Do what’s right and start to lay treasures in heaven. The real good works that we can do is to bring Christ to those who has yet to know Him. Work while it is still day, for night is coming when no one can work.

Brothers and sisters, be wise and alert for the time may be shorter than we think.

God bless,
In Christ’s service,

Barry Leong






Barry Leong

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