05 Sep 2021

Dear family in Christ

I am very encouraged to see more of God’s people attending onsite church services in recent months. With the children ministry resuming two weeks ago, we are having an over-capacity situation where the current limit of 50 attendees has resulted in church members unable to secure tickets for 1 John Saturday 4.30 pm service.

Hence, my staff team and I have decided to increase the capacity for Saturday service from 50 to 100 attendees (or 150 with overflow at Patmos Hall), wef 18 September.

With effect from 18 September 2021, entry for Saturday service will only be allowed for those who are “vaccinated” in accordance with government MCCY requirements and guidelines.

An individual is considered “vaccinated” if he/she has: 

(a) been fully vaccinated, i.e. has received the full regimen of Pfizer-BioNTech/Comirnatry, Moderna or WHO EUL vaccines, with an additional two weeks for the vaccine to be fully effective,


(b) recovered from COVID-19,


(c) obtained a negative Pre-Event Test (PET) taken in the past 24 hours before the expected end of the service. For Saturday service, pls do your PET not earlier than Friday 6.00 pm. For the PET, only the ART or PCR test result done at an approved medical clinic is valid. Pls note that DIY swab test result cannot be accepted. Pls refer to this MOH website for more details on PET  https://www.moh.gov.sg/covid-19/pet

Members who attend Saturday service must bring their TraceTogether, either the physical token or the electronic app in your phone. This is needed for our duty staff team to do the screening process to check for “vaccinated” status before allowing entry into the church. You may consider keeping the MOH Covid-19 vaccination card in your wallet to show the church staff, just in case there is a problem with your TraceTogether.

The Sunday 9.00 am service capacity will remain at 50 attendees, with no requirement to check for “vaccinated” status. This will allow those who are unvaccinated yet for various reasons, to be able to attend onsite church services.

Grateful thanks to all for your understanding, help and cooperation in all the necessary Safe Management Measures as instructed by the government to keep all churches a health-safe place for everyone.

The Lord watch over you and your family with his grace and love.

Pastor John

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