06 Jun 2021

Dear church family

St John’s Chapel is one of 27 parishes in Singapore. Together with the 6 deaneries, 9 schools, 22 preschools and a wide range of community services, we form the Diocese of Singapore. I would like to share three matters from the diocese with us.

  1. From the Bishop’s Heart
    At the recent 25th session of Synod (3rd meeting) on 15 May 2021, Bishop Titus gave his Presidential address on the theme “Spurring one another on towards love and good deeds”. May I encourage you to hear our diocesan bishop’s heart for the diocese by accessing this weblink https://www.anglican.org.sg/uploads/bulletin_files/May_2021_Synod_Presidential_Address_-1.pdf
  2. Diocesan Digest
    The Diocesan Digest is produced twice a year as a means of communications to the whole diocese for information, encouragement and prayer. The May 2021 issue is now available on this weblink  https://www.anglican.org.sg/uploads/bulletin_files/DD_may_2021.pdf   Amongst many encouraging articles, you can read our missionaries Gerry and Yahui’s Chiangmai ministry update on pages 18-19. You can also read my farewell words as the outgoing Dean of Vietnam on page 20. Pls use the informative articles to pray for the deaneries, parishes, schools and community services.
  3. Morning Prayer
    The Daily Office is our ancient Anglican heritage which allows the Psalms, Prayers and the Word to shape and edify our spiritual life. It creates a daily pattern and a rhythm of life, which is spiritually useful during the current Covid-19 restrictions. For 1-30 June 2021, the Diocese will host a daily Morning Prayer from Monday to Friday, 7.30 am to 7.50 am, over Zoom and on Youtube. Let us keep a good rhythm of life and grow in our spiritual formation.
    Zoom link     https://tinyurl.com/y2h3bdky
    Youtube link  https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCSgvawV4Cr3dsn6h-Wge5XQ/videos

The Lord watch over you and your family with his grace and peace.

Pastor John

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