06 Sep 2020

 In Vicar Writes

Dear family in Christ

In September every year, we commemorate Diocese Education Month. The diocese Education Board oversees 30 schools and preschool entities with a total estimated enrolment of 15,900 students. This enormous number present many exciting opportunities for the love of God and pastoral care which is expressed through chaplaincy work. Value your prayers for our church chaplaincy team (staff Florence, Fu Man, Yun Jing & Shirleen and tributers Gloria & James) in our outreach and pastoral care with the students of St Margaret’s Secondary school.

September is also the month where students all over Singapore appreciate their school teachers for their care, support and commitment. Teachers play an important role in shaping the minds and hearts of their students, especially during their growing up years. We remember our brothers and sisters in our church family who are called to work and serve in this meaningful teaching vocation. Let us pray for them to keep their passion and fire burning brightly for Jesus as they seek to make an impact in the lives of their students in the love of Christ for the sake of the gospel.

In God’s Church, those who teach God’s Word serve a significant purpose in building up the people of God to grow in spiritual maturity. Let us thank and appreciate all those involved in teaching God’ Word at St John’s Chapel in the various congregations and ministries: Children ministry teachers, Youth leaders, young adults leaders, Cell leaders, Bible teachers, Boys Brigade and Girls Brigade officers & helpers, Chaplaincy staff & volunteers. Thank you all for your love and labour in God’s kingdom. May we be found faithful in teaching God’s Word and walking in obedience to the Lord daily.

Pastor John

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