08 Aug 2021

Dear family in Christ

On this National Day weekend, let us give thanks to God for his grace and mercy for our nation. Many years ago, our forefathers landed on the shores of Singapore and made this island their homeland. They laboured and grew their families. By the sovereign grace of God, many families and individuals heard the gospel and came to salvation faith in Jesus Christ.

May I encourage you to reflect on the lyrics of this meaningful song by retired Methodist bishop Robert Solomon, “From Many Shores”.

May we be grateful to the Lord and seek to fulfil God’s calling and purpose in and through our lives for his honour and glory.

Pastor John


1.  FROM MANY SHORES you gathered, Our fathers mothers all
And gave as home this island, So precious though so small
They toiled and built our nation, As You blessed them with grace
O God of our salvation, We seek Your holy face

Chorus:    Bless Singapore our home with peace, And make us a blessing,
                  To the nations near and far, We worship You our King,
                  May everyone know who You are!

2. We’re many tongues and colours, Teach us to live as one
Bless all our dreams and labours, In all Your will be done
Help us to honour cherish, All that is good and right
Let all Your people flourish, As we live in Your light

3. We pray for all our children, Our leaders workers too
That we would all be open, To trust Your word as true
Let righteousness and justice, Your mercy and Your love
Be found in home and office, As we each other serve

4. We know our strength is in You, Our future in Your hands
Our nation Lord come renew, Come heal and bless our land
Let every street and heartland, Echo the name of Christ
To every heart and home extend, Your love Your grace Your light

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