08 Jan 2023

I was at a queue outside the office of a community club. Some were there for the CDC vouchers and others for tickets for a CNY dinner. Most of the people queuing were elderly folks. The officer-in-charge was swamped and overwhelmed by these folks. The same questions were repeated asked by different folks. One of the questions was why they cannot pay using cash and had to use cashless means? They claim that they do not know how or they do not have bank cards, etc. Story short, they want their way.

The world had moved on and at a very fast pace too. The refusal to adapt to the digital age is obviously a futile effort that leads to a very miserable life going ahead. There is no way back or to stay put. The tide of change cannot be resisted. Yes, it is inconvenient to those who refuse to change, insisting on the old ways. Well, I can only say too bad for you, the rest of us are moving on.

Then there is the other group of “entitled” elderly. This “entitled syndrome” is not just a thing for youths. It is very prevalent among the elderly. Just because you are ‘old’ does not mean that others must do things your way. There is nothing to say that you know everything just because of your age. I would say: “Cross the road carefully, old age does not guarantee that someone needs to give way to you. Even more so as you deal with ‘entitled’ young people.” Mutual respect is very important. Respect is given to you when you also respect others. It also makes for a better society.

Brothers and sisters, the church had come about for more than two thousand years. It had gone through many seasons and trials. There is a need for us to learn to adapt to the tide of change. For sure our theology and belief in God do not change. Our expression of our faith, however, can take a different form. We cannot insist on the bible being printed media only. They can be read using electronic means. There is really nothing wrong with that, just different expressions. Let us build a strong foundation in God and express it in a way that is consistent with the times.

God bless,
In Christ’s service,

Barry Leong



此外,还有另一组“享有有特权”的乐龄人士。这“享有特权症状”并不只为年轻人所拥有的,它在乐龄群中也非常普遍。不是因为你年长,就意味着其他的人必须依循你的方式做事。没有说法指明因为你年长,你就什么都懂。我要说的是,“过马路要小心,年长不保证就有人需要让路给你。”当你与拥有“特权”的年轻人接触尤其如此。 互相尊重是非常重要的。当你尊敬他人的时候,你才会得到尊重。这也将造就更好的社会。



Barry Leong

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