08 Nov 2020

Dear family in Christ

We thank the Lord for pastoral staff Tan Chwee Lian, who retires from church employment on 10 November 2020. She has served faithfully as a pastoral staff since January 2000, mainly with the Mandarin congregation and also ministering at the Hokkien and Cantonese congregations. God has used Chwee Lian in her pastoral ministry to touch many lives through her pastoral care, preaching & teaching and evangelism. She has also led mission trips to Batam, Setiawan and Hui-An. In recent years, she has served in school chaplaincy work through her weekly interaction with the students at Lighthouse.

Chwee Lian is thankful for two key highlights in her ministry life. The first is to see the youths under her care at the Youth Ministry growing up in spiritual maturity and in their life stages. The second is the privilege and joy of preaching and teaching the Word of God. Upon her retirement, Chwee Lian will continue serving in lay pastoral care support as well as any ministry when the needs arises. There will be a thanksgiving time at the Mandarin service on 8 November (Sunday) in appreciation and thanks for the ministry of pastor Chwee Lian. We wish her every blessing in Christ and a blessed restful retirement.

During this Missions month, let us continue to uphold our church missionaries in fervent prayers:

(1) Gerry and Yahui serving at ChiangMai with Deanery of Thailand in church planting work;

(2) The Goslings serving with a missions agency in their outreach to refugees;

(3) Deborah Loh serving amongst the urban poor at Bangkok with Overseas Missionary Fellowship.

Pastor John

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