1 Sep 2019

Dear family in Christ

As the school chaplain, I will be attending the annual Teachers’ Day Appreciation Tea this coming Thursday to fellowship and encourage the teachers of St Margaret’s Secondary school. Teachers play an important role in shaping the minds and hearts of their students, especially during their growing teenage years.

Similarly, in God’s Church, those who teach God’s Word serve a significant purpose in building up the people of God to grow in spiritual maturity. Let us thank and appreciate all those involved in teaching God’ Word at St John’s Chapel in the various congregations, ministries and families.

  1. Children ministry teachers – Your committed teaching of God’s Word will bear a significant impact and influence in the children’s lives.
  2. Youth leaders and young adults leaders – Be grounded in the Word of God and guide fellow young people in the study of God’s Word.
  3. Cell leaders and Bible teachers – Press on in teaching God’s truths in encouraging group members to walk obediently with God.
  4. Boys Brigade and Girls Brigade officers & helpers – Communicate God’s truths faithfully as you touch young lives with the love of God.
  5. Chaplaincy team – Your life and ministry in God’s Word will bring good comfort and encouragement to many students.
  6. Parents, grandparents and godparents – Deposit a godly spiritual legacy in the young generation by your teaching and modelling of Christ.

Thank you all for your labour in God’s kingdom. May we be found faithful in teaching God’s Word and walking in obedience to the Lord.

Pastor John  

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