10 Jul 2022

I was having dinner one evening at a food court. The cleaner lady came by and asked the people sitting at the other table if she could clear the empty plates. They waved their hands sort of permission given. They did not look at the cleaner nor thank her for clearing the utensils. It was like she was some lowly servant not worthy of a second look. A simple thank you would have been good.

I wondered if they were Christians. If they were, I would be very sad. It is not a matter of theology but just a simple thing of manners or being a human, just simple decency. If we cannot even live out simple decency, then forget about living a life worthy of the gospel of Jesus Christ.

Brothers and sisters, in our daily lives, let us live and work to the praise and glory of God. Put aside your ‘great learning’ and live with love and care for the human being near you. All workers are equally important and deserve dignity as much as anyone. In terms of dignity and worth, there is no real distinction in good and honest work. We are doing different jobs according to our different abilities at the moment. There is no one to say that we are stuck forever in the same place. Put in the hard work and diligence, and you can move to the next ‘perceived’ better position.

Hard and honest work deserve our appreciation. Can you imagine if there is no one to clear out the trash from your surrounding daily? What if everyone wants to be doctors or lawyers, and no one desire to be farmers? Then there will be a shortage of food. Then the law of the jungle prevails and there will be no need for lawyers.

Let us learn to appreciate one another for the hard work that they do. A simple thank you or smile would be quite sufficient. No one says that you need to have a big celebration to commemorate such work. Daily appreciation of such work is an encouragement of itself. And we become better people at that.

If we cannot be faithful in little things, it is difficult to be faithful in the big things. That is because they are even more difficult.

God bless,
In Christ’s service,

Barry Leong








Barry Leong

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