11 Dec 2022

I was going for a retreat in Changi. When I reached the hotel, I found none of the other participants there. After a phone call I realised that I was at the wrong hotel. I assumed this was the hotel. However, it was wrong. Fortunately for me the correct hotel was only a few minutes away. So, I managed to get to the correct place without being late.

Of course, that was not life and death issue. At most, I would be reprimanded for being late but I will not lose my life or be damned forever.

There are many, however, are in a precarious position of being wrong to the extent that they may be in eternal perdition. They assume that they “know” what they believe. Unfortunately, most time they do not. I am not saying that they are not intelligent. It is that they merely assume that they know because their parents and grandparents believed. There is no deliberate effort to check if their beliefs make sense. For example, burning paper items and assume that the dead ancestors will receive them in full forms. No address, no recipients, no understanding of what the other world is like. Can the “offerings” even make sense? But they think that they know. Or they do not really care as long as their ‘conscience’ and duties are done.

What should we, as Christians, do? How do we help them know the truth? Well, we must know the truth first. How do we do that? By studying the bible and attending lessons to know more. There are many resources available today. Just a word of caution about resources via the internet; you must verify the teachings with the Holy Scripture yourself. Do not take it as gospel truth just because it was “taught by some big names.” The local church has the responsibility of educating the members. SJCp had been trying to provide biblical teachings and more will be provided next year.

Brothers and sisters, I encourage you to stop assuming and start to know for sure. Let us come together to learn from the Holy Word the God that loves us.

God bless,
In Christ’s service,

Barry Leong







Barry Leong

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