11 Sep 2022

A very rich woman was convicted in court for corruption of very large sum of money. What was most intriguing was the fact that she pleaded that she was poor while wearing a watch costing over two hundred thousand dollars. Also, the bag that she had cost tens of thousand dollars. I guess the definition of poor defers for different people. By her definition, I will be in the extremely poor category.

There are many people who are perpetually worried that they will not have enough money to live. Yet there are others who earn much less than these people but feel that they have enough. So! What gives?

You can put it to the different mindset. With the “half full” or “half empty” mindset, you determine if you have enough. Is that all there is? Mindset?

Well, you can reason as such in a secular world mentality. Then you can decide how you want to save or use your finances. Poor people should just blame themselves for not working hard to earn enough or down right blame their bad fortune.

How should we Christians think then? I would commend to you to trust the Almighty God who owns everything in the entire universe. Nehemiah 9:21 reminds us that the Israelites lacked nothing during the forty years in the wilderness. They had everything that they need. Time and again God had proven Himself faithful in providing for all of us. There will always be enough, if we are willing to trust and obey.

The danger will come when we start to hoard rather than using the finance given to us wisely to store treasures in heaven. What is the use of a big bank balance when the spiritual life rots internally? Why look at the temporal instead of the eternal?

Brothers and sisters, God never fails. His love endures forever. He will never allow us to lack anything necessary. He wants us to do His will; seek first His kingdom and righteousness, and the rest will be added to us. We will always have enough. Have faith my friends.

God bless,
In Christ’s service,

Barry Leong





我们身为基督徒又应当怎么想?我会鼓励你信靠这位拥有全宇宙所有一切的全能上帝。尼希米记 9:21提醒我们,以色列人在旷野的四十年里一无所缺。他们拥有所需要的一切。上帝一再供应我们每一个人以证明祂是信实的。如果我们愿意信靠及顺服,总是会足够的。




Barry Leong

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