12 Feb 2023

A staff member brought the entire staff to a hawker centre to introduce us to some “very delicious food”. So, we went. Much to my (me only) horror, the queue was very long and the wait time was estimated to be more than an hour. I told the rest that they can choose to eat that but I will be eating something else. Waiting for an hour or more for food was not exactly my cup of tea.

In our whole life, we spent a lot of time waiting. Wait to be born, to grow up, to go to school, to work, to get married, to have a family, to grow old and then to die. All these waiting is time wasted. They can be spent in more useful endeavours.

My way of evaluating the use of my time is to assign a cost to my time. Then I decide if the event, whatever it is, is worth my time. Waiting in line for food is not exactly my idea of worth. As my life on this earth gets shorter, the cost of my time is more expensive. To use such expensive time, the work must be worth it. Wasting precious life on frivolous trivialise matters is really a bad investment.

What are the things that worth your time? It depends on you. To some, an extra hour lying down is worth everything, to others it may be a waste of time. The context will be very different. So, you will have to decide for yourself, “how much does your hour cost?”

Spend time with family and friends to build relationship. These are good investment of time. Even if the conversations were trivial, they are worth it. Good relationships are built from time spent together. Quantity time beats quality time all the time.

Whatever the context is, spending time with God is the best investment you can make. The time would be well spent. You may complain about the songs, the sermon or even the way the communion was conducted, but the time you put into the work of God is never wasted. It matters for eternity. So, spend your time well.

God bless,
In Christ’s service,

Barry Leong








Barry Leong

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