12 Jun 2022

Before the Covid-19 pandemic there were many discussions about the so-called work-life balance and working from home (WFH) arrangements. Basically, many people wanted more time away from work so that they have more time for themselves to have a better physical, emotional and even spiritual health. Well, the pandemic hits and many people got their wish to have more time for themselves and WFH. The inevitable happened, instead of better whatever health, they were worse off. More family violence, greater anxiety, loss of direction, etc. Nobody talks about work-life balance or WFH arrangements anymore. The talk now is about intervention in psychological disorders caused by WFH and lack of boundaries.

What do a lot of people do when they have more time on their hands? Sadly, many just waste them on frivolous past times – gaming, messaging, social media contents…. And the lure of such tempting contents will cause one to demand more time, but now they demand it from those around them as workplace requirements are taken away. When there is a failure to make use of the time wanted and now given, dissatisfaction sets in. Temper flares easily, relationship breaks down, violence increases, divorces increased. Also, there is now no barrier in others demanding time from you as they are free and felt that you have plenty of time too. Be careful what you wish for and be ready to deal with it when given.

To many who wisely use the freedom and abundance of time, they benefitted. They were able to achieve better health, more time to exercise. They enhance their relationships, wisely choosing to communicate in meaningful ways. Their spiritual lives become stronger as they put in more time to know God better – reading the bible and praying more.

My friends, water can transport a boat and it can capsize a boat. Ask for wisdom from God and wish carefully. When you do get them, use them wisely. Do not waste the precious resources that God had given you.

God bless,
In Christ’s service,

Barry Leong






Barry Leong

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