13 Aug 2023

I was listening to several people talking about their diets to lose weight. One of them was on low carb diet and was talking about reducing rice consumption. On hearing that one lady immediately say she cannot because she must have rice. After that she just went on saying that how she must have rice and not able to eat anything without it. The conversation ended there and the group dispersed to join others.

I pondered on the “I cannot not” response. There are many people who are not willing to even try anything with that one verse “I cannot not.” That sums up the entire conclusion on whatever proposal for that person. This is not the way that he wants to go. Perfectly fine, to each his choice.

Most people are entrenched in their way of life without questioning the validity of it. A person growing up in a privileged position will always think that they cannot do menial work. People who argue that our ancestors grew up with rice forgot that they grew up with unpolished rice. Those rice are full of nutrients and much less carbohydrates. The rice that we eat in Singapore, especially today, are polished rice that has nothing except carbohydrates. That would greatly raise the amount of sugar in our bodies. The reluctance to even take a relook at what the true nature of the issue is the main problem. Then we can never change for the better. The famous “we have always done it this way” is the way we stay stagnant and regress. One cannot progress with such thinking.

The church is dealing with many challenges that our forefathers do not need to deal with it urgently. They were not common to the point of being a threat. Furthermore, the society then may even be averse to the issue in question, for example LGBT. Those were not accepted in society and the church need only continue with business as usual, such as poverty or slavery. Today, those background issues directly threaten the orthodoxy of the gospel and the church. We must think and change by engaging in the scripture diligently. It must never be the whims and fancy of the majority of the church. Orthodoxy is difficult. We cannot change it to suit our convenience.

God bless,
In Christ’s service,

Barry Leong






Barry Leong

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