13 Nov 2022

I attended a prayer meeting recently. There were slightly over 400 people gather to pray in that meeting. ‘All was well’ and everybody was excited. All shouted ‘Amen’ when the MC was professing that Christians believe in prayer. The entire meeting lasted about 2 hours. I must say that this was quite a hyped-up meeting.

Then it dawned upon me that this organisation has about 20,000 members. All of them are supposed to believe in the power of prayer. In this annual event about 2% came to pray. Slightly less than half the sanctuary was filled. Can we seriously say that they believed in prayer? What happened to the rest of the members? Too inconvenient for them? Maybe, just maybe, they were participating in the prayer meeting at wherever they were. I seriously doubt that.

Okay, I am not being cynical. I am just sad. We have to be honest with ourselves. With the challenges of the world we are in today, we cannot afford to be lying to ourselves. Or even being complacent.

It is time that we are serious about our faith and work hard at living it out. There is really no point in ‘playing church’ or being falsely religious. If we really believe in the power of prayer, especially corporate prayer, then let us stand up and be counted. Let us not hide behind some semblance of piety and think that we are okay. No, we are not okay. Look at the number of members attending prayer meetings. It is really pathetic in many cases. Sad to say that, in some cases, the pastor is only there because he is on duty. So, are we really okay? No, but all is not lost.

I believe in the power of prayer. It stems from my belief of the true and living God who loves me. His word is remains true that He will answer us when we call upon Him. He will never fail.

But we need to truly believe and show it by both actions and words. There is nothing to gain from lying to ourselves. We need to be honest to ourselves and turn from wrongdoings. It is time to be real in our faith. Seek God while He can still be found.

God bless,
In Christ’s service,

Barry Leong

我在不久前参加了一个祷告会。有稍微超过400人聚集在这祷告会中一起祈祷。“一切都好”而每一个人也很兴奋。当司仪宣称基督徒是相信祷告的,众人也大声说“阿们”。整个祷告会历时大约2个小时。 我必须说这是一个相当振奋人心的聚会。

接着有一个念头浮起,这个机构拥有20,000会友。他们所有的人都应该相信祷告的能力。在这个年度的聚会里,只有2% 的人出席并祷告。圣殿内只坐满不到一半的座位。 我们还能慎重的说他们是相信祷告的吗?其他的会友怎么了?对他们而言,是很不方便吗?或许,或许,他们是在其他所在之地参与了祷告会。我对此实在质疑。






Barry Leong

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