14 Jun 2020

Dear family in Christ

Thank you for taking time to read the AGM reports. May it encourage your heart to see the Lord’s gracious leading at St John’s Chapel in ministry and missions. Thank you for submitting your AGM proxy voting form. For those yet to submit, the closing date is 14 June. Together with the PCC, we look forward to meet brothers and sisters who have registered for the Town Hall Webinar this Sunday 14 June (2 pm).

During this Safe Reopening Phase one period, all our church staff continue to work from home, as strongly advised by our government leaders. I thank the Lord for a wonderful staff team who continue to press on in the various ministries of administration, pastoral care, teaching, chaplaincy, outreach and ministry, with lay leaders and members coming alongside in serving with joy and commitment together.

We are in the planning process to submit our church Safe Management Plan (SMP) to the Ministry of Culture, Community and Youth to seek approval for the resumption of allowable religious activities. When this approval is given, our church office can open gradually and we can open our church premises for private worship. Please pray along with us for SMP approval.

Many of you would be missing the spiritual nourishment in the partaking of Holy Communion for the past three months. In the recent weeks, diocesan bishop Rennis has been in sharing and discussion with the senior clergy and also all the clergy and deaconesses on this important sacrament. There is a possibility for a special dispensation to be given by bishop Rennis for Online Holy Communion in all our parishes. I will update our church community in due course.  

The Lord watch over you and your family during such challenging and uncertain times. For those who are struggling deeply in various areas, may you find shalom peace and comforting strength in God our Refuge and may you rest well in the arms of our loving Good Shepherd.

Pastor John

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