15 Jan 2023

A little girl was telling the mother that she doesn’t want to go home. The mother replied her sternly that everyone needs to go home. Seems like a very innocent conversation between a child and an adult. Well, it was. IF we look at it a little deeper, do we really know what is the meaning of home? What does home mean to us? What is provided by the “home”? I wonder if we know that many in the world today wish that they have a home to return to? Have we taken for granted the safe haven that we so easily want to give up?

Home means many things to many people. Some have a happy one where they experience love and acceptance. Others may not be that fortunate, resulting in not wanting to go back. But somewhere in the heart there is a longing for a home, where love and acceptance are found. Home, the shelter where we are cared for in our most vulnerable moments; where we are build up again when the world had beaten up right down.

Brothers and sisters in Christ, the church must provide the home that many do not have. Be it destroyed by wars, political turmoil, terrible members of the house or otherwise, the church must come in to give the people a home. Christ came to ensure that we have a heavenly home to go back to. A home without tears and pains, where joy and happiness prevail. Love, peace and joy are what we will find there.

Can we also emulate Christ, our Lord, to provide a home for the people here on this earthly existence. Only when the church plays its part in this world can we say that we live out Christ.

Too often church members think of programme instead of people, liveliness instead of love, accreditation instead of acceptance. It is time for us to turn back and start to live a life worthy of the gospel. Concentrate on people instead of programme for it is people that needs God. They would rather have love and acceptance than all the other riches of the world. So! What are we going to do about it?

Brothers and sisters in Christ, go do it. The way to get started is to quit talking and begin doing.

God bless,
In Christ’s service,

Barry Leong



主内的弟兄姐妹,教会需要提供许多人所没有的家。无论是因为战争的破坏、政治的动荡、家中可怕的成员或其他因素而遭受毁灭,教会必须前来给人们一个家。基督来是确保我们有一个天上的家可以回返。 是一个没有眼泪和伤痛,是显明喜乐和幸福的地方。我们可以在那里找到爱、平安和喜乐。





Barry Leong

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