16 Apr 2023

A boy asked me about the concept of inflation after overhearing the conversation between some adults. Simply put, I told him, inflation is the devaluing of your money over time. That is to say that your dollar can buy less next year than this year. “What if you can buy more?” he asked. That is deflation where prices keep falling. I explained to him that it is worse in a deflation than in an inflation situation, as you do not really know when to buy. Thus, everybody holds back and causes the economy to be unpredictable and fear set in. Better to spend within reasonable limits.

God’s economy is vastly different from man’s economy. When the world says “Take”, God says “Give.” The world says “Keep,” God says “Share.” These are the ways that most people today cannot comprehend or choose to do. It is easier to follow the ways of the world, after all that is how we were taught and brought up. The question is therefore, how much do we want to have faith in God to provide? After all, you may say that some pastors do insist on “prudence.”

I agree that we must be prudent but not to the extent of being stingy. Like it or not, all that we have is given by God. You may think that you worked hard and using your cleverness “earned” them. If it is not God who, out of His mercy, gives you the ability and health to “earn” those, you will have nothing. The question is not so much whether it is given by God, it is. The question is why God gave them to me and what does He want me to do with them.

The bible tells us that we will have enough because God will supply all that we need. That is what faith is all about. Do not get too hung up on worrying that we will not have enough for the future. With God there will be enough and there will be a future. Take heart and do not fear. All that we do for God will not be forgotten and counts for eternity. All that we hoard will be lost and taken against us in eternity.

Brothers and sisters, think carefully about what it means by “it is more blessed to give than to receive.”

God bless,
In Christ’s service,

Barry Leong







Barry Leong

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