16 Oct 2022

Every so often that people talk about wanting to retire from their job early and “enjoy” life. Some succeeded, some failed and others are left wondering what happened. Well, they have a foretaste of it courtesy of the COVID-19 pandemic.

The pandemic forced a period of “no work” and staying in at home. At the beginning, many were “enjoying” the “freedom” of lazing around. Soon enough, reality sets in. Many became bored, not knowing what to do? They were totally unprepared for this “forced slow down.” One cannot do as they pleased, nor go as they want. There was nothing planned in their lives for the unexpected sudden lockdown. Students and working adults alike scrambled for IT equipment for learning and work. What do they do with so much “free” time on their hands now? Some of them had found themselves inadequate as they are not prepared to “jump” into the digital world. Just saying you do not know how to use a computer or IT gadget is not going to cut it as there will be very little help all of a sudden. The steep learning curve will have to be climbed very quickly, like it or not.

We have to think very carefully what we talk and ask for, because we may just get it before we are prepared for it. Retirement is not to be a frivolous word to just mutter out. For many, it must be thought of very carefully and start preparing from a very early stage of working life.

The work of the Lord cannot be put off till a later time when we are “more free” to do. Rarely, there will come a time when we will be “more free”. As the bible warns us that the servant must keep alert for the return of the master and not slack, it is prudent for us to keep alert. We should give the best time to the Lord and not giving “leftovers” to Him.

Brothers and sisters, we must work while it is still day. Night is coming when no work can be done. Concentrate on what is important (evangelism and discipleship). Do not get distracted by the peripheral issues (LGBTQ, gender equality, etc). Those issues are not important compared with the eternal life of a person. Concentrate and focus.

God bless,
In Christ’s service,

Barry Leong







Barry Leong

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