17 Dec 2023

In a recent trip overseas, I saw the 3D presentation of a massive waterfall in Terminal 2 of Changi airport. It was awesome in its realism. Without the door underneath it, no one would have guessed that it was just a moving image. So, the saying is true, you cannot believe your eyes.

We are in a world now that we cannot believe everything we see or hear. There was a time when photo evidences or audio recording are indisputable. Now it is not so. They can be fake, deep fake. How can we be sure anymore? We can’t and therefore the society becomes suspicious of everything. All of us will become increasingly isolated for fear of being scammed or harmed. What kind of world are we heading to?

Well, the bible tells us so. We are to hold on to the faith passed down. Do not go around seeking ‘new’ things, latest fad. Live a good moral life. Follow the teachings in the bible and do not be anxious. Trust in the Lord.

The problem with us is that we are too ‘curious’ for our own good. Jesus told us that nobody knows the time of His second coming, not even the Son of God. Yet, here we are trying to speculate. Is it even necessary. Or is it an excuse not to live the life of following God regardless?

Yes, we were told to watch out for indications. However, it is not to watch out for watch out sake. Not to become excited or to throw caution to the winds. Like those in the early church who proclaim that Christ was coming again, stopped work and laze around. The apostles rebuked such with great force. We, today, must not end up doing similar things.

Yes, we are happy that Christ is returning. But we better be sure that we are living lives that are worthy of the gospel. Let us not be complacent to think that we are safe because of teachings that say that you are ‘once saved always saved.’ Those teachings come from preachers who are interested in your resources, not your well-being.

Brothers and sisters, live well and prosper. Christ is definitely coming again, but till then stay dressed and prepare for action.

God bless,
In Christ’s service,

Barry Leong









Barry Leong

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