17 Jul 2022

One of the most recent debates is that of increasing GST. As usual, some advocate no increase but wants more pay-out, and no good solution for the government to work on. It is always easy to gain popularity to give pay-out, but where is the money coming from?

Paying taxes had been a proverbial hot topic since the beginning of time. Everybody wants ‘freebies’ but no one wants to pay for it. Therefore, there are many who will go through great extent to evade the paying of taxes.

I am no saint. I hate to pay taxes as much as anyone. The only difference for me maybe is that I try to convince myself that it is needed. The good facilities around me cannot be taken for granted. The beautiful parks, clean surroundings, efficient public transportation, competent public service, affordable healthcare, etc…. Somebody got to pay for it and part of it comes from our taxes. For me, paying a greater amount of taxes also meant that I am earning more money. Paying more GST means that I am able to buy more. If I want to pay less through GST, then I buy less or cheaper stuff. It is as simple as that. No one can drive two cars at the same time. The one who buys one pay less GST than the person who bought more than one, simple logic.

What does the bible tell us about taxes? Well, render unto Caesar that belongs to Caesar. The money collected is for the good of the nation and society. Yes I know, you will talk about abuses of the system. Well, we cannot deny that there are people who will cheat the system from either end. But does that constitute a reason to throw it out of the window? No! The only way to throw that out is for us to come out with a better system. If not, that system will remain till it happens.

Brothers and sisters, the fallen human will rebel against anything and everything. Look at how the humankind rebel against the rule of God and wanted a king to rule over them instead. As Christians, we should do our best to care for our society so that all of us can be blessed in it. Those in authority will eventually answer to God. As for us, we live a life trusting and honouring God.

God bless,
In Christ’s service,

Barry Leong

最近备受争议的课题之一就是消费税的增加。及如往常,有些人主张不加税但是却要求有更多的回扣,而没有给政府建议良好的政策。 以回扣取得民心是容易的,但是钱又从哪里来呢?






Barry Leong

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