17 Mar 2019

Dear family in Christ

Celebration of Hope is drawing nearer. 60 more days to go. Thousands of Christians in Singapore are undergoing training, making preparations, issuing invitations and praying fervently. Are you excited and ready for the mighty work of the Holy Spirit in the bountiful harvest of precious souls for the kingdom of God?

I call upon our church community to continue in committed actions and fervent prayers.

  1. Leadership: Pray for God’s protection and wisdom upon Bp Rennis, Rev Lewis Lew, Rev Tony Yeo, the organising committee and key team leaders.
  2. Unity: Pray for good brotherly unity among all the churches in Singapore as we gather and serve together for the Lord’s harvest.
  3. Speakers: Pray for God’s grace and protection upon the evangelists Canon J. John, pastor Kou Shao En and Mr Mohan Lazarus.
  4. Open hearts: Pray for the hearts of family, friends and colleagues to be open and willing to attend the rallies to hear the gospel.
  5. Resources: Pray for sufficient finances, coordinated planning and committed volunteers in the various areas of ministry.
  6. Ushers: Pray for our church community to respond in serving as Ushers (120 people needed) on Sunday morning rally 19 May.
  7. Personal evangelism: Pray for urgency, courage and wisdom to share the good news of Jesus Christ to our family and friends.

Let us kneel and weep before the Lord for the salvation of our loved ones, friends and the thousands in Singapore who need reconciliation and peace with God in Jesus the Messiah.


Pastor John

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