17 Sep 2023

I was walking past a Chateraise outlet and was attracted to the whole array of cakes and desserts. I mean who wouldn’t. They were colourful, beautiful, and looked sumptuous. Many of the pastries seemed to be calling me: “Come and get me!” For some of you who may not know, I am on a ‘Carnivore diet.’ In short, I eat only meat and nothing else. And the most difficult part of this diet was the urge to want sweet sugary food. Chateraise was, therefore, one of the worst places to be at for me. The temptation was very great. Nevertheless, with much reluctance, I walked away. When I was far enough, I suddenly felt a sense of victory. I did not cave in and fall into temptation. I had kept my promise to keep away from sugar, the main culprit for diabetes and cardiovascular disease.

The Christian, called to be holy, will find many “Chateraise” in their journey of faith. Whether knowingly or unknowingly, one will stumble into some form of temptation in disguise. The main three categories are Money, Sex and Power. They will appear in various forms. They were rawer in form in the past eras. Nowadays, they are more difficult to distinguish and identify. For example, the thirst for power can be disguised in the chase for fame and control. The chase for fame is made innocuous by the wide use of social media. A Christian will not know for sure where the line should be drawn. Pornography is a multi-billion industry in certain countries, who have great influence over others. Slowly, they move into the main stream as nothing wrong with it. The loud minority shouting through their ‘megaphones’ (social media), slogans and words that have no real meaning to confuse the rest of the world. Many will lose sight of their compass.

Brothers and sisters, we are to be holy as the Lord is holy. How are we to know? Read the Scripture, pray for enlightenment from the Holy Spirit. Do not give concessions to anything. Even foothold conceded will result in a collapse later. Live well, live strong. The days are getting shorter. Those who have ears, let them hear.

God bless,
In Christ’s service,

Barry Leong

我走过一间Chateriase蛋糕直销店,就被整排各式各样的蛋糕和甜点所吸引。这种诱惑谁不会被吸引。它们五颜六色、好看又丰盛。每一份糕点似乎都在召唤我,“来买我呀!”你们当中可能有人知道我正在进行“肉类饮食计划”。简单的说,我只能吃肉。 这种饮食计划最困难的地方就是对甜糖食物的食欲。因此对我而言,Chateraise是其中一个最糟糕的地方,诱惑实在是太大了。不过,费了很大的劲儿,我还是走开了。当我走远了,我突然有得胜的感觉。我没有屈服并陷入试探之中。我守住要远离糖粉的承诺. 糖可是糖尿病和心血管疾病的罪魁祸首。

基督徒被呼召成为圣洁,在信心的道路上会遇见很多 “Chateraise”. 无论是有意或无意,都可能会坠入各种被伪装的试探里。三个主要的类别是钱财、性及权势,它们以不同的形式存在。在过去,它们的形式更为原始。但今天,它们更难以区分和识别。举个例子,对权势的渴慕可以被伪装成对名声和掌权的追逐。因为社交媒体的广泛使用,对名声的追逐也变得仿佛无害了。一个基督徒肯定不知道应该如何划分那条线。在某些国家,色情是一个数十亿的商业,而且对他人的影响深远。它们也将逐步的成为主流而不再被认为是错误的。声量大的少数群体通过他们没有真正意义的“扩音器”(megaphones 社交媒体)、口号及文字大声宣泄,以混淆世界的其他地方。很多人就因此迷失了方向。



Barry Leong


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