18 Dec 2022

As we become more 富裕affluent and educated, it is important to keep away from being too sure of ourselves. The recent death of a SCDF NS firefighter is a timely but sad reminder for Singaporeans who think that we are safe and sound. Napoleon, at his heights, said “God is on the side of him with the biggest guns.” During his exile, he said, “Man proposes, God disposes.”

The parable that Jesus told of the rich man who wanted to tear down the old barns to build new ones because he thought that he was successful (Lk 12:16-20), should give us a warning of being too conceited. We may just end up losing everything. Also, if our sight is only on this life time, then we will lose, big time, on the future that is to come.

As we come to the end of the year, we must take some time off to look deep into ourselves. What are there that need changing? How are we going about it? What kind of impact or consequence if there is no action taken?

It is good for us to start doing it before we get caught up in the festive celebrations and busyness. Time will fly by very fast and before we know it, it is gone. Another year will come and go.

Do not sit in the well and look up to the sky. Your view will be limited. And your decisions will be short-sighted and lacking. When all had come and gone, we may regret that we did not climb out to see the bigger perspective. Regrets are the worse things in life.

Also do not be the frog in a boiling kettle. Always be aware of the changes around and within you. With everything changing so fast, we may be boiled alive without knowing. Dying as a fool is a very bad way to die.

Brothers and sisters, Christmas and the beginning of a new year is around the corner. Make a choice to live well, a life that is worthy of the gospel of Jesus Christ.

May you have a fruitful and wonderful time during this festive season.

God bless,
In Christ’s service,

Barry Leong


主耶稣提及的比喻中,富有的财主筹划着要拆了旧的仓房以另盖新的,因为他以为自己已经很成功了(路加福音 12:16-20),这已经在警告我们不要过于自负。我们可能最终会失去一切。此外,倘若我们的眼目只在乎今生,那么我们在未来的日子,将会失去更重要的时刻。








Barry Leong

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