18 Feb 2024

I was at a wedding recently at a newly renovated church. As I came out of the carpark and headed towards the sanctuary, I saw another guest on the way there also. She was wearing torn and tattered jeans with a spaghetti striped t-shirt. For a while, I thought that she was just a tourist visiting the place. Then I saw her among the guests in the sanctuary. I am not judging but definitely no fan for her fashion sense nor propriety. I know this is a ‘fashion’ statement for some but really something not for me. Well, to each his own. Also to me it is gross disrespect to the couple getting married that day. If you are really poor and that is the best you have, then I apologize.

Following the West in such ‘torn and tattered’ look is really something ridiculous. Torn jeans came about because they were not able to buy new ones. You will never see a well-to-do in the west wearing one unless they are out to ‘advertise’ themselves. So, such dressings do tell of a cheapening of oneself. I really do not encourage anyone to wear them unless for some really dirty and manual work. There really is a time for everything.

Scripture does tell us of a great banquet where all the guests are expected to be attend the wedding in wedding garment. These people were not appropriately dressed and were thrown out. Let that be a warning to us to be ‘wearing correctly.’

Of course, the wedding garment referred to here is the righteousness that we should have. It can only be achieved by putting on the righteousness of Jesus Christ. Without which we are not allowed into heaven because we are just not worthy. Our sins need to be washed away and a new “garment” put on us.

Brothers and sisters, do not follow the ways of the world. Even worse is that it is followed blindly. Follow the way of life, put on the righteousness of Jesus Christ and live a good life.

God bless,
In Christ’s service,

Barry Leong







Barry Leong

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