18 Jun 2023

A very active Christian in church went for a staycation in an expensive hotel. In many aspects, this person was respected in the church as a ‘emerging’ model Christian. Then a very sad incident happened. On checking out of the hotel, it was found that this person was smoking in the non-smoking room (evidences of cigarette butts and smoke smell). In the end, the person had to pay up to three times the room rate as restitution. That is not the worse part, the whole farce of a model Christian is now exposed. The person had been able to use correct Christian language everywhere he went, but it turned out that behind the back the life tells a different story.

We are not about to judge if a person is allowed to smoke or not. Nor are we about to judge anyone on anything at all. The whole idea is not to put up a farce to appear good. If we are indeed struggling with some form of bad habits (smoking, vaping, pornography, etc), we must be brave enough to ask for help. The effort of trying to hide them is much greater than asking for help and will likely bring more shame. Facing it up front and getting assistance can help us rise above the problem(s).

What more, Jesus is not one who will judge us. Nor will He accept us only if we are good enough. He loves us even when we are sinners. As long as we acknowledge Him as Saviour and Lord, we are His disciple. And as His disciple, we must keep growing and changing to become more like our Lord. There is no need to ‘hide’ behind some disguises. We are all ‘work in progress’. No one is perfect (Yes, I know that some in the church think that they are already so. We should just ignore those ‘self-righteous’ people). Christ made it possible for us to be accepted as we grow to be more like Him.

Brothers and sisters, as long as we are willing, we can and able to grow to be more like Christ. It will not be a one-day affair. It will be a lifelong endeavour. Let us move along this journey together.

God bless,
In Christ’s service,

Barry Leong






Barry Leong

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