18 Sep 2022

A girl was lamenting her examination results. She could have done better if only she had started her revision earlier, but it was all too late now. The results were set in stone for this round. Hopefully, she learnt her lesson and start preparing for the next examination early.

Interestingly her lamenting including things like blaming herself for spending too much time on her social media and watching useless videos on her phone. Well, is that not something that we already know?

Actually, there are many good things that we know within ourselves and they are not that difficult to do. It merely takes discipline for us to do it and become successful. Also, we know, and probably been warned of all the temptations along the sides, of the way to do everything correct. But more people seem to do everything that they are warned not to do instead of what they should not be doing. Weakness of the flesh.

It is important for those who want to succeed in what they are doing to start doing at the earliest possible moment, mainly NOW. Just like NIKE would say it, ‘Just Do It.’ There is not a moment to lose. Tomorrow is too late already.

If you want to start to have a good spiritual life, start changing. Read the bible and pray everyday already. Don’t start tomorrow, as tomorrow never

comes. If you want to have faith, then start believing. Do not wait for an event to have faith, start believing today. Create the future is the best way to know it. The future starts today, not tomorrow.

So! Whether we want to succeed in the physical or spiritual, we have to start now. We do not want to knock on heaven’s door when it is too late. We may not have a chance then. Believe in Jesus while he can still be found. When the door is shut, it will be useless to cry.

Brothers and sisters, it’s now or never; spread the gospel to all your loved one. Do not lose any of them to procrastination. Live eternal life now.

God bless,
In Christ’s service,

Barry Leong




对于那些想要在自己所作的事上取得成功的人来说,在可行的时段越早开始是重要的,主要就是现在。就如耐克(NIKE)所说的‘Just Do It’。没有时间败下阵来。明天就已经太迟了。





Barry Leong

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