19 Feb 2023

The latest favour of the month is the Turkey and Syria earthquake. Everyday the news bombarded everybody about the death tolls and the plight of the people there. Many people in Singapore, suddenly, want to donate money to help them. Criticism of those who are not helping abound.

Well, what about the earthquake in Pakistan recently. It is now out of favour. A new kid is now around the block. Then what about the earthquake in the Philippines today. Oh! You did not know about it? There were 427 earthquakes in the Philippines over the last year, anyone cared? Anyone cried out to donate money? NO! Because the news did not carry it. Maybe you do not know or do not want to know that news media will only carry ‘sensational’ news.

Some people asked me about sending medical teams to Turkey-Syria to help. When I say no, they were indignant about it. Well, I am not about to send a bunch of untrained people into frigid conditions to do work at places that they were not trained to work at. I cannot be responsible for their demise. Those are for the civil defence trained professionals, and many are being sent by their governments there. The only thing we can do is to pray that they come back alive.

What about donations? Many governments have pledges millions for these. The West and US had given billions to a proxy war but relatively peanuts to such humanitarian aids. Go and think about it.

There are many poor and needy that the Diocese of Singapore is working hard to help. The social arm of DOS needs a lot of funds, but is finding difficulties to raise. Are the immediate needs of the poor here in Singapore not important or is it less sensational?

Brothers and sisters, be wise to the sensationalism of the press. There are work to be done daily. Things that we can and should do. Giving to such sensationalism and publish in the papers are but a PR exercise. The daily and quiet helping of the needy around our locality is really what we are called for. Go figure.

God bless,
In Christ’s service,

Barry Leong








Barry Leong

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