19 Jun 2022

A doctor was down with COVID-19 and was resting at home. A friend sent get-well greetings to him during his isolation. An interesting statement in his reply was “You learn to appreciate your health when you are down with a sickness.” When I heard about this, I said doctors are just as human as anyone else. Most would have thought that they would appreciate health much more than others as they attend to sick people every day. Well, they take it for granted like most people; maybe more as they probably trust medicine more than others.

That aside, many do take the important things in life pretty much for granted. We assume our health, our safety, security, that the sky will not fall on their heads the next moment. The knowingly or unknowingly assumption is that it will not happen to us. The probability is one in a hundred million. That’s what they think. When it hits you, it is 100%.

So, let us treasure and appreciate all that is important to us: our relationships and families, health, country…..

Do not take them for granted for you know not what or when. Ukrainians probably thought that war will not happen. The US will help us. Yes, the US will help US, not us. The parents who sent their children to school one morning and then got the news that they were shot dead. Empty words will not help nor console anyone. They are but a mockery. We know not what or when. It is not will it happen but when it happens. Treasure what’s important, spend time with them.

Do not take our salvation for granted. Read the bible if you choose to believe in those prosperity gospel preachers. There is no such thing as “once saved always saved.” Follow the Lord according to His words, not the words of those who tickle your ears. It may seem tough, but it will save you much agony and pain. The day of reckoning will come, hopefully you will be prepared for that day.

Read your bible, Pray everyday, Trust the Lord, and Obey His words.

In Christ’s service,
Barry Leong






Barry Leong

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