19 Mar 2023

Coming out of the train, I headed for the escalator as everybody else. Everyone was rushing for one of the two escalators and the queue became very long. I was about to join the queue when I saw that the other escalator also go up but no one was using it. Both escalators go to the same place. It was there to prevent congestion. But ‘monkey see, monkey do’ and people just join the queue. I took the empty escalator and soon enough others from the queue for the other escalator, left and use this escalator.

The world is full of people who ‘blindly follow’. It is getting more and more difficult for people to think (carefully) before they choose to act. One of the reasons is the fear of losing out. Another is the laziness to think. It is also likely the attention is taken up elsewhere and just follow. How dangerous are these reasons? They are very dangerous especially when eternal matters are concerned.

We had seen many people joining all kind of protests in other parts of the world. Putting unfair wages protests aside, some of the ideologies protests are questionable. Do the people who join these protests know what they are protesting for? Many a time, they are protesting because of a lack of clear understanding and blindly join as it “seemed right.” Appears to be right is not necessarily right, it could be absolutely wrong. In some big country, which is really totalitarian in reality, the support of gay pride is misled more than knowing why.

Brothers and sisters, know what you believe. Be clear about it. Do not follow because others do. The bible promised us that whoever seeks God will find Him. There is no worry that a person who truly seek God will be lost. The only worry is that you lose sight of your search along the way and wondered somewhere else.

So, stay your path with God and Him alone. Let not the world lead you astray. Keep away from celebrity faith. Jesus came as a humble man and not as a king so that we do not look at the outer appearance. Follow God, not the queue.

God bless,
In Christ’s service,

Barry Leong







Barry Leong

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