19 Nov 2023

An observation of the people going up the escalator in the MRT station. The people standing on the left will give way to those going up the right side of the escalator. The interesting part is the people walking up the right side. At first, they walk up quickly, then they stop when the escalator is several steps away. They will then wait till they reach the end of the escalator before walking off. This action, though no harm, caused the whole line behind him to have to stop. I was wondering what is so difficult to walk several more steps?

Then it occurred to me that is the way many people approach their work. They charge through the initial phrase with all gusto. When they come near the end, they tend to slow down very much. I guess they are already beginning to consider the next phase or project. This is dangerous as the last stretch, no matter how small, can trip you up. It is better to see through to the end before we stop to celebrate.

Pretty much is our spiritual life. Some of us are really enthusiastic when we first found Christ. We worship and serve God in the most fervent manner. As time goes on, we slowly take things for granted. Maybe a belief that we have already made it. Believing that our spiritual life is so good that we will be able to face up to anything thrown at us.

Think again my friends. King Hezekiah was a man after God almost all his life. Then he came to a point of death but was granted an extension of fifteen years because he was faithful. What happened? He turned away to worship other false gods and idols. Let that be a warning to us to fight till the very end. Do not let the guard down.

The easy way, as preached by the false teachers, is a very wide door. Many choose to go through that because following the true God seems so difficult. But Jesus did warn us to take the narrow door. Stay firm and fight the good fight. Finish the race with faithfulness and steadfastness. This is the example of our apostle Paul and a good example for us to follow.

God bless,
In Christ’s service,

Barry Leong







Barry Leong

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