2 Aug 2020

Dear family in Christ

In view of the Covid-19 pandemic situation, diocesan bishop Rennis has granted special dispensation for ONLINE Holy Communion to be celebrated for the period 2 August to 31 October 2020.

For the combined Diocese Online Holy Communion service on Sunday, 2 August (10.30 am), and also for subsequent parish online communion, please prepare the following at home:

(1) Bread on a clean tray/plate
(2) Wine (or juice) in a clean glass/cup

All consecrated bread and wine (juice) will need to be fully consumed at the end of the service.

You are encouraged to participate in the Online Communion service as a household family, or in a small group gathering of not more than 5 visitors at a home. We should consider gathering in small groups to break bread together (especially the elderly who may be alone at home) because there is a Body aspect, a communal aspect in the breaking of bread. Hence, for this communal reason, you need to follow the service timing of the livestreaming, so as to break bread together with the Body of Christ. For example, at 10.30 am this Sunday 2 August. If you miss the official service timing, you can still view the recorded service, but the holy communion segment will have been digitally removed.

In his teaching video, Bishop Rennis emphasized the importance of spiritual preparation.

First, we want to prepare ourselves through “Repentance”. We are a people broken by the (Covid-19) adversity, totally dependent on God. We ask God in times of judgement to remember mercy, and to bring us through. So there is a repentant heart we need to bring.

Second, we also need to bring “Longing” because it has been about 3 months since we partook of Holy Communion. The longing to experience that communion with God, that solidarity with one another. We are the people of the risen Lord.

Third, we want to be “Expectant”. I want to ask you to prepare and to pray for the experience of Christ’ spiritual presence as we break bread simultaneously. I want to ask you to pray that there will be renewed joy and strength and hope, as we have that online communion.

May our hearts be spiritually nourished and strengthened by the Lord as we partake in the breaking of bread together as the redeemed people of God.

Pastor John

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