2 Jun 2019

Dear family in Christ

We look forward to the arrival of 32 Vietnamese students to Singapore on 7 June (till 17 June) for the annual Abba English Camp for the purposes of learning English, enjoying Singapore culture and experiencing God’s love. Appreciative grateful thanks to many church members who are serving as planning committee members (led by staff Yun Jing), group leaders, outing chaperons, logistics helpers, English teachers and homestay host families.

I call upon the whole church to be in fervent prayer for the salvation of these Vietnamese students and their families. May they know and experience the grace and love of God in many ways. On behalf of the deanery of Vietnam, thank you PCC and everyone for your ministry partnership in the gospel.

We are glad for our church mission team of 18 members (mainly choir members) going to Ho Chi Minh on 19-24 June. May their presence be a great encouragement and blessing to Vietnam deanery Church of Christ of our Hope, pastored by Rev Hong Chi. The team will be visiting orphanages, sharing the gospel at an evangelistic meeting and also ministering at Sunday worship service. Value your prayers for a fruitful and life-transforming mission trip.

All the ends of the earth shall remember and turn to the Lord, and all the families of the nations shall worship before you.” Psalm 22:27


Pastor John

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