20 Aug 2023

Celebration of Dragon Boat Festival had hardly passed, and it is “Hungry ghost month.” Other than the fact that shops are already selling mooncakes for the next festival, they had to make money from selling incenses and paper offerings. The lack of wisdom and spiritual blindness of the world without Christ became more apparent to me when I saw people kneeling there at the drains, and I know they are “highly educated professionals,” burning “money” and other offerings. We may think that only “silly uneducated old folks” will do such things and being superstitious. But these were young urban professionals holding a minimum of a basic degree from a reputable university.

Spiritual blindness has nothing to do with age or secular education. It has to do with knowing the truth or not. The truth is Jesus Christ (John 14:6). Wisdom can only begin when one has the right relationship with the Lord (Proverbs 1:7). Christians will have to make sure that they do not fall into superstitious beliefs (in Christian garbs) themselves. The only way to do that is to know the Lord and His Scripture well.

Parents play an important role in helping their children know the Lord. Knowing the Lord does not mean coming to church on Sunday and finishing your duty for the week. It encompasses the whole lifestyle. Where do you think those kneeling at the drains making those offerings learn it from? Their parents of course! If we do not take the spiritual life of our young seriously but place greater emphasis on “less important” learning of the world, then I can almost guarantee a rude awakening somewhere down the line.

We must not lie to ourselves, and how sad it would be if we do. The spiritually blind, making offerings out of fear, know deep within that they are lying to themselves. Our eyes are opened by the knowledge of God, and we should not live like them. It is important for us to know where to put our priorities and not to live a life lying to ourselves. Get right with God and help the young to do the same.

God bless,
In Christ’s service,

Barry Leong






Barry Leong

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