20 Jun 2021

Dear church family

During this current pandemic season, many of us are working from home (WFH), as advised by our government for health safety reasons. We know some of us in essential services and service providers who cannot WFH by nature of our work. Whether WFH or working onsite, I pray that you are coping well by the grace of God in the vocation that God has called you to do.

I came across a helpful ‘Our Daily Bread’ article written by retired Methodist bishop Robert Solomon on the topic “Working from Home: Does It Count As Working for God?”.  May I encourage you to read this article by accessing  https://odb-covid.org/working-from-home-does-it-count-as-working-for-god/

In his article, bishop Solomon shared his reflections on

  • Martin Luther’s Teaching on the Christian Vocation
  • A Homemaker Is a Servant of God
  • Essential Services and Brave Workers
  • Working from Home
  • Discovering Digital Ministry

He concluded by encouraging Christians on “Serving God at All TimesWhether you are working in the office, factory, school, hospital, shop, or at home, you can still serve God. The key is to have the attitudes of service and humility, and to know that whatever we do and wherever we are working, we are called to serve God for His glory (1 Corinthians 10:31). Our vocation in Christ remains intact whether we are in lockdown mode or not, and as Paul reminds us, what we do in serving Christ, whether working from home or in our normal places of work, is not in vain, as we give ourselves fully to the work of the Lord (1 Corinthians 15:58).”

May the joy of the Lord be your strength day by day.


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