27 Jun 2021

Dear church family At times when I need some advice in decision-making or have some struggles in life and ministry, I am thankful to God for a few elders in the Lord whom I can consult or share [...]

20 Jun 2021

Dear church family During this current pandemic season, many of us are working from home (WFH), as advised by our government for health safety reasons. We know some of us in essential services [...]

13 Jun 2021

Dear church family Thank you for your encouragement, support and prayers for our church missionaries Gerry and Yahui. They left for Chiang Mai in June 2012 and have completed 3 terms (total 9 [...]

06 Jun 2021

Dear church family St John’s Chapel is one of 27 parishes in Singapore. Together with the 6 deaneries, 9 schools, 22 preschools and a wide range of community services, we form the Diocese of [...]

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