2 Oct 2022

When I was six years old, my father was teaching me not to smoke cigarette. The only problem was that he was smoking one at that very moment. As an obnoxious kid, I asked him why he can smoke? He [...]

25 Sep 2022

Recent news reported a young doctor sentenced to jail and had his license as a doctor terminated because of taking 3200 underskirt photos. Apparently, he was arrested three times for such [...]

18 Sep 2022

A girl was lamenting her examination results. She could have done better if only she had started her revision earlier, but it was all too late now. The results were set in stone for this round. [...]

11 Sep 2022

A very rich woman was convicted in court for corruption of very large sum of money. What was most intriguing was the fact that she pleaded that she was poor while wearing a watch costing over two [...]

04 Sep 2022

I chanced upon a short video clip where an American man dressed himself in traditional Mexican costume went about interviewing people about their feelings regarding his dressing. Almost without [...]

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