27 Nov 2022

A man went to church grumbled about the hypocrites he saw, the mistakes made by the song leader, the way offertory was collected, and the content of the pastor’s sermon. It was a very terrible [...]

20 Nov 2022

A motorcyclist was riding precariously near the blind spot of my car. I slowed down to let him pass. He overtook me and continued to weave in and out of traffic dangerously. To be honest I gave [...]

13 Nov 2022

I attended a prayer meeting recently. There were slightly over 400 people gather to pray in that meeting. ‘All was well’ and everybody was excited. All shouted ‘Amen’ when the MC was professing [...]

6 Nov 2022

Go figures! Don’t just laugh at the similarity. Think of the similar consequences. God bless,In Christ’s service, Barry Leong   想想吧!不要对它的相似会心微笑。 好好想想它相似的祸害。 上帝赐福,在基督里同工, Barry Leong      

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