01 Jan 2023

I was having breakfast in a nearby hawker centre. Of course, I will need my coffee. A particular coffee stall caught my eye. It had a long queue while other coffee stalls had no queue at all. It [...]

25 Dec 2022

Blessed Christmas to all of you. Christmas is ranked by many as the happiest holiday of the year. The lights and presents add to the festive mood of the yuletide season. People celebrate it [...]

18 Dec 2022

As we become more 富裕affluent and educated, it is important to keep away from being too sure of ourselves. The recent death of a SCDF NS firefighter is a timely but sad reminder for Singaporeans [...]

11 Dec 2022

I was going for a retreat in Changi. When I reached the hotel, I found none of the other participants there. After a phone call I realised that I was at the wrong hotel. I assumed this was the [...]

4 Dec 2022

I heard some of the school girls moaning over the Mandarin assignment they had to hand up. One of them was supposed to be their “saviour” because she takes “Higher Chinese.” I found the term [...]

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