29 Jan 2023

A blessed Chinese New Year to all of you. Well, very quickly CNY came and will soon end (CNY lasts 15 days). I looked at all that CNY goodies and snacks at all the homes that I went to, including [...]

22 Jan 2023

A lady driver was looking at the warning signals on her car’s dashboard. It indicated that the car tyres are having serious problem. Instead of checking the tyres, the driver decided to continue [...]

15 Jan 2023

A little girl was telling the mother that she doesn’t want to go home. The mother replied her sternly that everyone needs to go home. Seems like a very innocent conversation between a child and [...]

08 Jan 2023

I was at a queue outside the office of a community club. Some were there for the CDC vouchers and others for tickets for a CNY dinner. Most of the people queuing were elderly folks. The [...]

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